Sydney Seed Fund


The Sydney Seed Fund offers more than just dollar investments into talented start-ups. Unlike other early investment funds, we won’t just leave you with ‘black box’ progress statements.

Our established industry-leading Ecosystem provides an unprecedented platform to connect investors with founders on a frequent basis. It is the most collaborative and supportive way to share skills and experience between fund investors, investment managers, investee founders and mentors, thereby accelerating the opportunities for global success.


What our unique Ecosystem offers

  • The facility to unlock the value of the Sydney Seed Fund’s broader industry networks for investee companies (such as follow-on investors, team members, suppliers and potential acquirers).
  • Regular Sydney Seed Fund dinners for founders and investors, where they can share experiences, provide updates, facilitate knowledge sharing and explore opportunities.
  • An online/offline network, connecting local founders and investors with each other and similar regional and international networks.
  • A shared resource library, including templates and commonly used tools.
  • Founder peer-to-peer learning through private forums and regular informal events.
  • Opportunities to join other founders and investors in attending or participating in local, regional and international demo days, industry briefings, networking events and conferences.
  • Ongoing development events, featuring outside expert speakers.

Are you ready for our investment?